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Marketing Mob Business Marketing Strategy Melbourne

Tuning Into Our Clients

We have developed effective business strategies for all kinds of companies from all types of industries ranging from biotech, process engineering and truck parts to cosmetics, coffee shops and sports equipment! We continually seek to share our consulting experience with a diverse variety of organisations. No matter how challenging the situation, we will help you rise to it with refined knowledge and solutions that work.

With capabilities and techniques drawn from a diverse range of staff from different organisational backgrounds we can assist any structure to improve its branding and marketing in Melbourne, Australia or internationally.

Improve your department or organisation with highly skilled management and branding expertise by calling us today on 03 9889 6559, or by enquiring online HERE.

Focussed on Your Specific Requirements

Our understanding of varied product categories and corporate environments has been shared with clients such as:

  • Honda watercraft, motorbikes and gardening equipment. We developed sales training courses for the Melbourne operation to re-educate Honda's marketing department towards focussing on their products' customer benefits rather than technical features.
  • TackTracker GPS-based yacht racing/coaching analysis systems. After designing and fully implementing a superb product launch, TackTracker was being used on six continents within two years, all while competing against 50 plus competitors worldwide. It also gained three major international distributors and is being used and endorsed by the Australian Institute of Sport's Olympic Sailing Team in their quest for more Olympic gold at Rio in 2016 after a very successful partnership during London’s 2012 Olympic Games.

  • Berthold Australia - process engineering, non-invasive measurement instrumentation using microwave and radioactive technologies. After twenty years of unsuccessful attempts, we were responsible for the first placements of their instrumentation into the coal mining industry in Victoria and New South Wales.

  • Qiagen. A multinational medical consumables (research & diagnostic) company was looking to expand its product range into the Capital Equipment market. Our campaign built their name in this market, increased their leads five-fold and was even copied by one of the market leaders – Beckman Coulter!!
  • Diagnostic Technology Life Science Division. We mentored a sales training course for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane-based sales staff, educating them how to maximise productivity and improve efficiency. With consequent sales results, the division progressed from 5% to 30% of the company's product turnover.
  • broadbandguide.com.au (now www.youcompare.com.au). We re-designed their site to improve communication and used refined web strategies to lift search rankings.
  • Halo Bridal- A wholesale supplier of wedding dresses to retail. We modified sales processes to sales outlets leading to an increased stock turnover of 50%.
  • Fantasy Waxxx waxing products. We assisted in developing highly effective product launch marketing. At Melbourne's International Beauty Expo our campaign led this small business to gain many new Australian customers, along with distributors in Asia, Europe and the US.

Expert Knowledge in Branding and Marketing

Melbourne's Mob can help your organisation achieve its full potential with proven techniques and strategies. We strive to succeed and show results just as much as you do. The Mob can help you with your next sales promotion or round of product launch marketing.

Melbourne and Australian business and interstate corporations can benefit from our refined campaign experience and training expertise by calling 03 9889 6559 or by enquiring online HERE.

Keeping Pace with Constant Change

To achieve the best business to business marketing, Melbourne specialists in the field of improving company performance have to strive to stay on top of emerging trends. The Mob combines its years of industry knowledge with a unique insight into new developments, so that our business marketing strategies are Melbourne's most focused and effective.

Take advantage of our interest in developing advents in our own sector and others and discover how we employ new information into diverse services such as product launch campaigns and sales marketing training.

Industry from Every Aspect

We take the time to examine every facet of your business to ensure we:

  • Develop effective communication and email marketing to maximise your business’s market potential.
  • Design meaningful slogans to build your business’s brand and promote your products and/or services.
  • Understand your business's supply, service and staffing logistics to best cater for successful promotional campaigns.
  • Optimise online presence - web site, social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), Adwords, shopping carts, blogs, etc. maximising website returns from Google Adwords and SEO.
  • Extend your understanding of social media and how it can work for you.

Let Melbourne's most informed marketing and sales consultancy share the depth of their industry knowledge to enhance your company's performance and expand its potential. Call us on 03 9889 6559 or enquire online HERE.


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